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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Frugal Friday: Mowing the Grass 'GREEN'

I have to admit, I never considered mowing the grass to be anything other than a result of having a yard and something I didn't have to do! Don't think too poorly of me, though I did have to mow the yard as a teen so I've had my fair share of that!

We had a push mower and an electric weed-eater...now we have a rider and a gas powered weed-eater (hey! we have half an acre to mow!)

Aside from the gas and oil required to run the mower there is another aspect that I personally had not considered "pollution" - except when my kids are napping! The noise!

Read the article linked below and check out some old-fashioned push mowers around you.

I will be trying to talk my "gardener" into it - he's rather obstinate and enjoys his "power" tools! How lovely would it be to have a couple of hours once a week to get some exercise, listen to my ipod and enjoy some adult time?? hmmm...renewed incentive!


1 comment:

CC said...

We have a push mower. Since my husband is injured I've been doing the mowing and WOW! its a lot of work. But I really do believe it is the best choice for us.