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Friday, March 14, 2008

*UPDATED* Nature's Pantry March Deals (thru 3/31/08)

Monday March 10th from 8am-9pm,shop with your NP membership and get 13% off your purchase in celebration of NP 13th anniversary!!

Rice Dream Shelf Stable drinks

Bob's Red Mill Flours
  • Regular Unbleached, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Whole Wheat 5lb bags $4.19
  • Natural Unbleached, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Whole Wheat 5lb bags $3.29
  • Organic White Whole Grain 5lb bags $4.29

Native Forest Canned Fruit 14-15oz $1.99

Near East Mixes 5.4-10 oz $1.89, Long Grain Wild Rice 5.9-6.3oz $2.29

Colavita 34oz EVOO $12.19, look for $2 rebate hang tags, information is here

Muir Glen Organics $1.49-$1.39, use with Healthy Clippings MFC or printable and get these for less than a dollar a can!

Izze 12oz beverage 4packs $3.56 or single serve $.89

Rachel's Yogurt 6oz $.85, Use printable BOGO (sign up and click the "Try New Flavors" link)

Kozy Shack pudding 22oz $3.19

Smart Dogs 12-13.5oz $3.19

Halo pet Foods are 20% off

Imagine Organic Broths (boxes) $2.49, use $1/1 printable

Spectrum Organics/Essentials products, Use $2/1 printable

  • Salad Dressings 8oz $2.79
  • Cooking and Baking Oils $4.29 - $5.79

Barbara's Bakery Shredded Cereals (several varieties) $2.99, use $.75/1 printable

Rudi's 22oz Organic Bread $3.39, use $.75/1 printable

Organic Valley Products, Use $1/1 printable and here (several products)

  • Shelf Stable Cow's Milk 33.8oz: 2% $2.39, Whole $2.29, Half & Half $3.19
  • Cream Cheese 8oz $2.39

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