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Friday, March 14, 2008

My Husband Is Going to Love Me and I Love Vinegar!

Well, hopefully he already loves me and this will just put him over the top and I mean truly...what other household product is so versatile!

He has this obsessive need to have spotless dishes. I mean spotless! And if he even THINKS the JetDry is getting low he refills it.

Now - we've been out of our rinse agent for some time and he mentions it A LOT. I however, just cannot bring myself to pay so much for something we really DON'T need and I think a lot about how it might get into my kids plastic sippy cups and that's just gross.

So, we're at a stalemate! Rinse agent is expensive, the glasses are spotty with out it...what to do?

Send Donielle over at Raising Peanuts a subliminal SOS and...presto she has passed along a fabulous, frugal tip so we can BOTH be happy!

Vinegar will rinse your dishes clean and help break down the gunk in the dishwasher. I currently use vinegar as a cleaning agent once a week...I just pour some in the bottom with some baking soda and run it on a long 'pots and pans' mode. Now I can add it to the rinse agent compartment, too!

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