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Friday, March 14, 2008

Natural Hormone Free Milk at Hy-Vee

Oberweis Milk (in glass jars) is on sale 2/$4 - that's $4/gallon. The same $ as regular milk!

You have to pay the bottle deposit up front but you get it back when you return the bottle!

Hy-Vee Monthly Deals

These deals are good through the end of March

Some Hy-Vee stores offer 10% off on Wednesdays on all purchases from the Health Market. I have not been able to confirm that is the case here in KC. Let me know if you have any information about that!

GeniSoyProtein Bars 10/$10

Cascadian Farms Cereal or Granola 2/$6, Use (2) $1/1 printable

Muir Glen Canned Tomatoes, Salsa & Soups 3/$4, use $1/1 printable

Smart Dogs, Tofu Pops, Jumbo Veggies Links or Organic Veggie Dogs $2.77

Organic Valley Products, Use $1/1 printables and here

  • Butter $4.99
  • Stringles Cheese $3
  • Cream Cheese $2.50

Seventh Generation 2x Ultra F&C liquid detergent $9.69, use $1/1 printable

My Husband Is Going to Love Me and I Love Vinegar!

Well, hopefully he already loves me and this will just put him over the top and I mean truly...what other household product is so versatile!

He has this obsessive need to have spotless dishes. I mean spotless! And if he even THINKS the JetDry is getting low he refills it.

Now - we've been out of our rinse agent for some time and he mentions it A LOT. I however, just cannot bring myself to pay so much for something we really DON'T need and I think a lot about how it might get into my kids plastic sippy cups and that's just gross.

So, we're at a stalemate! Rinse agent is expensive, the glasses are spotty with out it...what to do?

Send Donielle over at Raising Peanuts a subliminal SOS and...presto she has passed along a fabulous, frugal tip so we can BOTH be happy!

Vinegar will rinse your dishes clean and help break down the gunk in the dishwasher. I currently use vinegar as a cleaning agent once a week...I just pour some in the bottom with some baking soda and run it on a long 'pots and pans' mode. Now I can add it to the rinse agent compartment, too!

*UPDATED* Nature's Pantry March Deals (thru 3/31/08)

Monday March 10th from 8am-9pm,shop with your NP membership and get 13% off your purchase in celebration of NP 13th anniversary!!

Rice Dream Shelf Stable drinks

Bob's Red Mill Flours
  • Regular Unbleached, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Whole Wheat 5lb bags $4.19
  • Natural Unbleached, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Whole Wheat 5lb bags $3.29
  • Organic White Whole Grain 5lb bags $4.29

Native Forest Canned Fruit 14-15oz $1.99

Near East Mixes 5.4-10 oz $1.89, Long Grain Wild Rice 5.9-6.3oz $2.29

Colavita 34oz EVOO $12.19, look for $2 rebate hang tags, information is here

Muir Glen Organics $1.49-$1.39, use with Healthy Clippings MFC or printable and get these for less than a dollar a can!

Izze 12oz beverage 4packs $3.56 or single serve $.89

Rachel's Yogurt 6oz $.85, Use printable BOGO (sign up and click the "Try New Flavors" link)

Kozy Shack pudding 22oz $3.19

Smart Dogs 12-13.5oz $3.19

Halo pet Foods are 20% off

Imagine Organic Broths (boxes) $2.49, use $1/1 printable

Spectrum Organics/Essentials products, Use $2/1 printable

  • Salad Dressings 8oz $2.79
  • Cooking and Baking Oils $4.29 - $5.79

Barbara's Bakery Shredded Cereals (several varieties) $2.99, use $.75/1 printable

Rudi's 22oz Organic Bread $3.39, use $.75/1 printable

Organic Valley Products, Use $1/1 printable and here (several products)

  • Shelf Stable Cow's Milk 33.8oz: 2% $2.39, Whole $2.29, Half & Half $3.19
  • Cream Cheese 8oz $2.39

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Frugal Friday: Mowing the Grass 'GREEN'

I have to admit, I never considered mowing the grass to be anything other than a result of having a yard and something I didn't have to do! Don't think too poorly of me, though I did have to mow the yard as a teen so I've had my fair share of that!

We had a push mower and an electric weed-eater...now we have a rider and a gas powered weed-eater (hey! we have half an acre to mow!)

Aside from the gas and oil required to run the mower there is another aspect that I personally had not considered "pollution" - except when my kids are napping! The noise!

Read the article linked below and check out some old-fashioned push mowers around you.

I will be trying to talk my "gardener" into it - he's rather obstinate and enjoys his "power" tools! How lovely would it be to have a couple of hours once a week to get some exercise, listen to my ipod and enjoy some adult time?? hmmm...renewed incentive!


Organic Valley Coupon Reset

I got word today from Organic Valley that they have reset their e-coupons. If you've printed your max you are now free to print again!

Check their website for the coupons and more information about the company.

Things I Learned Today...

I used to (before I had children and when I had some form of adult time!) feel like I'd had a good day if I learned at least one new "relevant" thing...now that I have kids I am guaranteed to learn several new things, however, their relevancy is in question most of the time!

Note to the old me: Today was a VERY good day!

First, I learned that I DO still miss my morning coffee! (ehh, too sad and long to get into here!)

But more importantly I learned that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for yeast, flaxseed meal and wheat germ! Now, considering that I am writing a blog about saving money on whole foods you wouldn't think that would surprise me but, nonetheles, it did.

We make all our own breads and granola so I'm going through these items VERY quickly.

I was at a local natural foods store and discovered they buy and bag bulk flaxseed meal, wheat germ and yeast. The flaxseed meal and wheat germ were from Bob's Red Mill and cost me about $1 less a pound than the pre-bagged stuff right around the corner! The yeast was only $2.50 for a bag twice, wait - correction...3 times the size of the jar I buy at my local grocery store where it costs me at least $4.

I was so happy and proud of myself.

I also noted that I should NOT by pre-bagged whole wheat flour there. They sell the same brand my local grocer does and it was $2 more per 5lbs. I didn't have time to check the prices on the bulk flour - my son needed to be picked up and my daughter was getting impatient! Oh well, save something for another day!

Check your whole foods store's bulk goods area and hopefully you can snag some deals!